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Martin Reich

Martin Reich

Dear Neymar, Messi’s the real deal . . .

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Dear Neymar,

It’s always a pleasure to watch your games, I love to see the great Brazilian players like you. However, it’s one thing being a legend on Sony PlayStaion, another to do it in a World Cup.

Brazil v Argentina


Of course, I am joking. You are worth your place at the top of the game, but I have been asked to compare you with Lionel Messi. The King. An Argentinian deity. I’m afraid there’s no comparison, at least not yet.

I know that when you were as young as 14 you were scouted by Real Madrid. Well, it’s too bad for them they missed out on you. You are some talent.

Instead you went to Barca to play alongside your idol and I hope you can learn from him. The signs were beginning to look promising in your first season at Nou Camp. Just wait until after the World Cup though!

You have the looks. You appear on a million billboards alongside such beauties as Giselle. Well, good for you. Maybe you’re prettier than Messi. And I know you are much more than a marketing gimmick. You are the real deal.

But you will have to wait for your time to come. It is not now. Messi is the greatest player in the world. Perhaps the greatest who has ever lived. And he will show you why, in your backyard, over the course of the next five weeks.

All the best,


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