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Diego Milito

Diego Milito

Messi is a football great – even without a World Cup win

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People ask me is this World Cup an opportunity for Messi to be put on the same level as Pele and Maradona? I don’t agree with that. I think without a doubt Leo has done enough to be considered as one of the best players of all time, for all he has achieved. Besides that I know him and he will want to win this World Cup because it is something that has been trying for in the last two World Cups.

Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina: Group F - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Today he is a more mature player and as captain of the team, for sure, he will give everything to take Argentina to the highest point and hopefully that will happen. Just look at his goal against Bosnia! Genius.

But I don’t think that for him to be the best he has to win a World Cup. As I said before I think on merit he has done enough to be one of the best players in history, without a doubt.

The differences in the Barca way to playing for Argentina? I think he obviously will spend many more years in Barcelona. He was born in the club. He has practically always played with the same set of players.

But with Argentina, changing team mates is not easy especially when coming from a philosophy of football like the school of Barcelona. To then find himself in an Argentine team where he had a lot of responsibility, every match, that it is not easy.

He was surrounded in Barcelona and, as I said, playing with team-mates since they were juniors, so they already knew each other by heart. Consider the short time we had to work with the national team, something that made things more difficult for him. I think this is also a critical factor.

People ask me what’s he like on and off the pitch? Very quiet! He is really a great kid, a very good mate. A very good and quiet kid as any good guy can be. And playing with him is really amazing.

It is a pleasure to see him in each training session doing what he does. I have been fortunate and I am proud of having been able to share with him a training session, a match.

As I said before, I honestly feel for me it has been a privilege. We are talking about one of the best players in the history of football.

Higuain has been good up front with Messi. Without a doubt. I think they have already shown that they can complement each other very well. They have shown that during qualifying. Gonzalo is an amazing player. He has shown that this year in Italy, and also in the Argentine team. So I have no doubt that they complement each other very well.

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