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Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel chat – LIVE

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Former USA international Brad Friedel joins us for a live web chat at 1400 UK (1500 CET) today – submit your questions using the comment box below or via social media using the hashtag #AskFriedel

July 9 2014 9:02 AM
Hi everybody. I’ll be here at 2pm UK (9am ET) to answer the best of your World Cup questions. Get your questions in early here or submit them via social media using the hashtag #AskFriedel

July 9 2014 2:05 PM

@goal_intl what’s your take on the outcome of last night’s game between #Brazil & #Germany #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: Like most people I was pretty astonished, The Team’s that have had some success against Germany have been teams that have been in good defensive structure for the first 20-25 minutes of the game and then tried to expose the weakness in Germany which is their speed in defense. Brazil went to attack from second one and they paid the price. I’ve also said I like this German team more when Lahm plays at right back instead of in the center, but that shouldn’t mean that Germany is six goals better than Brazil.

July 9 2014 2:07 PM
@Noursedki28@friedel_b Ronaldo or Messi at the moment? #askfriedel
Brad Friedel: At the moment you would say Messi, but I think it’s very difficult to choose between the two, and I still believe that Ronaldo has a wider variety of ways of playing and ways of scoring goals than Messi. Earlier in the season you would have said Ronaldo, and now at the World Cup you’d say Messi, but I think the truth is they are both great players.

July 9 2014 2:09 PM
@jfint-J Put yourself in Julio Cesar’s boots – how bad was it for him, what was going on inside his head? #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: It was not a very positive or special night for him. Once the third and then the fourth and fifth goals go in, you just want to go in for halftime and get off the field for a few minutes and gather your thoughts. I don’t think there was much he could do with most of the goals. All goalkeepers have been in that position, just go on to the next game.

July 9 2014 2:11 PM
@goal_intl In your opinion,between Neymar and Thiago Silva,who did Brazil miss more?#AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: It was Thiago Silva. Thiago Silva is the rock in the center of that team defensively. I know Neymar is the flair and they couldn’t on him for goals, but from what I saw four of those goals don’t come if Thiago Silva plays. Some because of his defensive play and some because of his organization. I think they missed him in immense proportions.

July 9 2014 2:12 PM
@Eddy_Powww WC star u would not want to play against @Friedel_b #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: To be honest with you, as a player, I’ve always wanted to play against the biggest stars. However, the two players right now who seem to be the most dangerous are going to face each other today in Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben.

July 9 2014 2:14 PM
andy jut @andyjt what advice would you give the keeper against Germany in the final? #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: I think first and foremost you have to take the element of the occasion away and make sure the goalkeeper knows it’s still a game and it should be fun. Getting into tactics you have to make sure that you center defenders and your holding midfielders stay connected, and your outside backs as well. It’s been proven in this World Cup that you can attack Germany if you stay solid on defense. The Germans are not invincible if you stay organized, and a goalkeeper can play a big part in that.

July 9 2014 2:16 PM
abifoul @absf-efc Have you been on the end of a defeat like that?
Brad Friedel: Of course. Every goalkeeper who has played a number of years professionally has been on the end of a thrashing like that. You can name off whoever you think are the best goalkeepers in the world and they’ve all been there. How they react when they take one of those or make a mistake, and how they react to that, it’s a real test of character.
When I was playing for Aston Villa we went down to Stamford Bridge boasting the best defensive record in the league, and we conceded 8 goals. That was one that stood out for me. The next game after that was Bolton, it was a real test of character. You have to learn from it, you have to move on, and the quicker the next game comes the better in my opinion.

July 9 2014 2:19 PM Peter Pedroncelli @Peterpedron Will you coach in the US in the future? #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: The answer to that is I don’t know. I have recently finished all my coaching hours and the four-year process to gaining my UEFA A license over here. I’m currently going to play for one more year and I’m working as an ambassador for Tottenham in North America. You can never say never. Do I think the MLS is getting better? Absolutely. Do I think the World Cup and the attention it garnered in the States has been good? Absolutely. So if the right opportunity came along I would look at it.

July 9 2014 2:21 PM
The Special John @bainesyDiego10 How does Brazilian football recover from this humiliation? #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: Like every team recovers from heavy defeats, and that’s to go on another winning streak. When you get beat like that, the only thing that heals it is to win your next game and your next big games. The only thing you can do is prove to the fans and the world that it’s a one-off and that you’re willing to sweat and work for the team. That’s why I think it’s good to have this third-place game, so they can go out and try to regain the confidence of their supporters.

July 9 2014 2:23 PM
255_kid @daimon_kun_dide Do you think David Luiz’s performance in the world cup will affect his awaiting career in PSG #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: One perfromance I don’t think will have an effect on it. The only thing that will have an effect will be if he, or many other players in the team, has games like that at the start of his career with PSG, it will certainly impact it. That’s the same for any player though. I do want to stress that if you lose as bad as they did, it’s not down to one player.

July 9 2014 2:25 PM
Kaz @kz65_49 How do you see tonight’s game going – Van Persie or Messi? #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: There is a doubt about Van Persie playing tonight. I haven’t read anything more on his fitness, but I actually think it’s more Robben vs. Messi. I think most of the attacks and energy comes from Robben. Argentina tends to play the same way in their games, whereas the Dutch have set up different in different formation in this tournament. I dont know if this will lead to an open game, but I do think we’ll see a lot of creativity in the attacking third. I think it’s a very intriguing matchup but I do think it’s more about Robben vs. Messi than Van Persie.

July 9 2014 2:29 PM

Olawale @walex01#AskFriedel: with the recent performances of the US national what’s the future like for the US soccer team?
Brad Friedel: I’ve watched all of their games back again, and I’ve also, because I was very curious, watched our games back from the 2002 World Cup. I think we’ve improved in a couple areas, but we’ve regressed in a couple areas as well. I watched in 2002, Claudio Reyna, Pablo Mastroeini and John O’Brian control many of our games in the midfield. I thought our defense defended better as a team in this World Cup, but I thought our passing was better in 2002. I thought there were a lot of eyes on the team in this World Cup. I thought our team showed a lot of heart and commitment. I thought Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson were great from the start and Tim Howard was great against Belgium. But I think we need to focus on developing players who can control the attacking part of the game like we did with the intensity on defense. Now it’s time to build on that defensive structure and build and attacking philosophy that is more sustainable for 90 minutes rather than just the counterattack.

July 9 2014 2:34 PM
@jf66_jon With Messi set to play tonight, how do you as a goalkeeper prepare to face someone like Messi? Courtois seems to have good success vs. Messi #askfriedel
Brad Friedel: I wouldn’t put too much focus on how you’re going to stop him, because as a goalkeeper a lot of the things you have to do is be reactionary. What I would try to do is set up the team so that when Messi picks up the ball on my left, we try to keep him from the post outward, or to try and get him on his right foot if I could. If he does cut in you have to know as a keeper that he loves to bend the ball around you to your right, but if you cheat he’s skillful enough to beat you to your left.
But one of the reason’s he’s one of the best in the world is that every team tries to do that and he still manages to beat them. The Dutch are going to be up against it, but they’ll have to try and do something to stop him if they want to make the final.

July 9 2014 2:39 PM
@dixieD_34This is your last preseason as a player. Does it feel different knowing this is the last time around?
Brad Friedel: No it just feels different because I’m 43. I wouldn’t say different. It feels better to be honest with you, you’re more relaxed about everything. I feel fortunate that at 43 I’m still holding my own. It is hard work, and the new gaffer likes a lot of hard work, but I go into it with a much more relaxed approach. I know that when I travel to each stadium it will be my last trip there as a player, it’s a nice feeling. When you get to my age you can’t be upset when retirement comes. So I wouldn’t say it feels different. It’s pretty relaxing to be honest with you.

July 9 2014 2:41 PM

Olawale @walex01Do you think the US would done better against the Germans than their Brazilian counterpart #AskFriedel
Brad Friedel: I think if Brazil plays against Germany again they don’t get beat by seven. Do I think we would have beaten Germany? I think likely not, because the Germans are a good team. Do I think we would have done better than getting beat by six? Absolutely. I think when we played Germany we gave them too much respect in the first few minutes, but when we came out and played the game got a bit more even. Would we have lost by seven? I don’t think so. The American mentality and spirit wouldn’t have let us lose by six to anybody.

July 9 2014 2:46PM

@raos_33 What do you think is the biggest key in the next four years to the USA having a stronger showing in Russia in 2018?
Brad Friedel: I think we have to keep our defensive solidarity, but I think we need to work on two things and improve. Our ball possession and intent to go forward with it, so I think we need to learn to attack and rest while we’re on the ball. The second thing is we need to work on having the confidence to commit an extra player going forward so we can keep possession in the attacking third more than we did in this World Cup. If we can do that we can dictate more of the game, and be fresher. But if we do get into those scenarios our back four will have to be able to defender more in 1 v 1 situations. So I’d like to see us go a little bit more attacking with a little bit more possession to take some of the stress off the defensive foundation. If we can do that I think we can go that one or two step forward. I also don’t think we’ll be in as tough a group, but you never know.

July 9 2014 2:49 PM
With Tim Howard looking like he may not be around for 2018, what do you think of the U.S. goalkeeper position going forward?
Brad Friedel: I watch MLS all the time, so I’m always keeping an eye out. What I do see if that Brad is the next guy in line if Tim decides to step down or if Brad beats him out. The other thing is that even when Tim stops and Brad comes in, or when Brad stops, we’re going to be developing another one. It has historically been one of the positions that hasn’t been a problem for the US, dating back to 1990 with Meola and all the way up to Timmy. I do see Brad as the next guy, but after that there could be a fight on. The other thing that is certain is that as MLS gets better, the goalkeeping is going to get better and there will be more competition for places.

July 9 2014 2:54 PM
Brad Friedel: Thanks for joining in today everybody, and for all the questions. That’s all from me.

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