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Diego Milito

Diego Milito

Diego Milito chat – LIVE

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Former Argentinian international Diego Milito joins us for a live web chat at 18.30 UK (19.30 CET) today – submit your questions in the comment box below or via social media using the hashtag #AskMilito

Hello everyone! I’ll be here for the next hour for this live chat. You can send in your questions on Twitter to @goal_intl with the following hashtags: #AskMilito #PreguntaaMilito
Diego Milito

July 9 2014 6:49 PM
First question: What can we expect from Argentina-Netherlands later today?
Diego Milito: I expect a special match, an exciting match and obviously I believe we (Argentina) can win and make it to the final. I imagine it will be a high-quality match, an open match, between two great teams, with attacking football.

July 9 2014 6:54 PM
Question from Gonza in Argentina: A lot has been said about Robben, but I think Netherlands are dangerous with long-range efforts. They have a lot of quality in that respect and Argentina will have to make sure they don’t give away fouls close to the edge of the box because they have specialists from free-kicks. What do you think?
Diego Milito: I agree with you. We have to be very careful because they have a lot of weapons in attack. It’s true that they are dangerous from long range; they have Sneijder, Van Persie and Robbie who are all dangerous from outside the box. We have to be very careful.

July 9 2014 6:58PM
Next question: How do you think Argentina have performed collectively in this World Cup?
Diego Milito: I think we have been getting better and better. The first four teams we played were very defensive and closed up at the back. That made things very tough and we know how difficult it can be against those teams. But I think we have shown we have the weapons to break down those kind of teams and the overall performance has been very good. The last game gives us reasons to be optimistic because the team played very well.

July 9 2014 7:02 PM
How are you doing ‘crack’?!? Do you think Argentina should attack by playing in short spaces against Netherlands because with balls into the box I think it will be impossible, or with diagonal passes to the strikers? What are your thoughts?
Diego Milito: I see a game in which we need to have the ball. Possession is key. We can’t afford to lose the ball because Netherlands can hurt you with their fantastic counter-attack. Perhaps with short passes to find players like Messi – that could make the difference and that’s how we can do damage against Netherlands.

July 9 2014 7:06 PM
Another question from Argentina. As a striker yourself, how do you think Higuain should move to find joy against the Netherlands defence?
Diego Milito: Higuain knows what to do, he doesn’t need me to explain anything to him. He’s an extraordinary player and I believe he’ll have spaces. Netherlands are a team that take risks and when a team plays like they do, spaces always appear for the strikers.

July 9 2014 7:09 PM
How will Netherlands and Van Gaal approach the game with Argentina?
Diego Milito: Every game is different and every coach sees it differently. But Van Gaal will want to be the protagonist because that’s his way. Perhaps they’ll defend deep, but he’s a brave coach and I believe he’ll set out to win the game.

July 9 2014 7:10 PM
Do you think Argentina should designate a man-to-man marker to stop Sneijder?
Diego Milito: I’m not a fan of man-to-man marking. In modern football it’s not really used anyway. I know Wesley well from our time at Inter. He’s a fantastic player who makes the team tick and play football. I wouldn’t mark him man to man. I think the whole team can work together in defensive duties and marking.

July 9 2014 7:13 PM
If Netherlands minimise the threat posed by Messi, can Argentina still win? Or is it impossible to stop Leo?
Diego Milito: It’s not impossible. But I think Argentina have the weapons in attack to win the game even if Netherlands keep Messi quiet. It’s important for us to have control of the game and from that control, spaces will appear. If those spaces aren’t for Messi, Higuain or Lavezzi, if he plays out wide, will have spaces. I believe Argentina have attacking alternatives to win – even if they stop Messi.

July 9 2014 7:16 PM
What is Argentina’s biggest weakness? What will they need to pay special attention to?
Diego Milito: Perhaps it’s balance – that famous word we talk about so much. With so many attacking players, sometimes it’s difficult to defend, and to win a World Cup, keeping it tight at the back is absolutely key.

July 9 2014 7:19 PM
What can we expect from the two coaches, Van Gaal and Sabella?
Diego Milito: The coaches will be so important because they’ll need to transmit calm and get their message across to the players. In today’s football, the teams know each other so well and they know what they need to do on the pitch. The battle of the coaches will be won by the one with the most serenity, calm and self-confidence.
Argentina have a style which is pretty defined. Perhaps they’ll change to 4-4-2 due to Di Maria’s injury, with Enzo Perez coming in. That means the two lines will play closer together, giving less space to Netherlands, and allowing quick breaks with Leo and Higuain.
I imagine Netherlands will come out to attack, but we’ll see when the game starts. The characteristics of their players are more suited to attacking than defending. But obviously they’ll need to be attentive to Argentina’s counter-attacks as well. They know that if they give Argentina space, they will suffer.

July 9 2014 7:26 PM
A question from @TheGoonerGunner – Who is the craziest footballer you know?
Diego Milito: The craziest? Uf… there are a few! Balotelli, I’d say. He’s a player everyone knows, a great guy, but he’s a bit crazy! There are so many stories, but I can’t really tell any here! He used to change his hairstyle every two days. He’s crazy, but also a great guy…

July 9 2014 7:29 PM
One from @TheRealMahoney – What did you make of the Brazil result?
Diego Milito: There will be a before and after last night’s result. It’s not the same to lose 1-0 as it is to lose 7-1. There will come a time when teams won’t make the mistake of playing as open as Brazil did yesterday, knowing that their rival is superior. They’ll try to close it up at the back and avoid letting in so many goals!
It’s a huge margin of defeat and it’s a result that will feature prominently in football history books in future. It will go down as perhaps the most painful defeat of all time.

July 9 2014 7:33 PM
From @A2jallow11 – Who is the star of this World Cup and who is the disappointment?
Diego Milito: It’s difficult to choose a star because many have played well. James was spectacular for Colombia, but Muller, Robben and Messi have also been great. It’s between those four. On the other hand, I expected more from Ronaldo, Balotelli and Hazard, who didn’t reach the quality we have seen from them with their clubs.

July 9 2014 7:36 PM
From @VictorBamiro – What was it like to work under Jose Mourinho? How would you describe him?
Diego Milito: He is one of the best coaches I have had. He’s extremely well-prepared and he has one special quality: he soaks up all of the pressure, giving calm and serenity to his players. He’s a master at doing that and there’s no-one else like him.

July 9 2014 7:38 PM
From @yvanaviles – After Higuain, who do you see as Argentina’s next number ’9′?
Diego Milito: Higuain and Aguero still have a lot left to give and can still play in the next World Cup. After that, we’ll have to look to the youth teams. Icardi is a great prospect and has a lot of potential, but first he has to perform at a big club now that he’s at Inter.

July 9 2014 7:42 PM
From @Satgaya – What did it mean to play for Inter? Do you still feel affection for the club?
Diego Milito: Yes, of course! It’s a club I love and I’ll love Inter my whole life. They gave me the chance to fulfill the dreams I had as a child. I’ll always be grateful to them and the fans have always supported me, even in the most difficult moments like when I was injured. I will never forget those things.

July 9 2014 7:46 PM
From @bainesyDiego10 – Are Argentina now the undisputed kings of South American football?
Diego Milito: The semi-finals will decide that. First we’ll have to win today’s game to be able to say that, because Brazil reached the semi-finals as well. Colombia also had a great World Cup. The best team doesn’t always win and Chile are strong as well. They had a great tournament, so there’s a lot of quality in South America.

July 9 2014 7:50 PM
Diego Milito: Pipa first, then Leo!
Thanks again everyone and all the best!

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