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Alessandro Nesta

Alessandro Nesta

Nesta: Germany ‘have no weaknesses’

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We have a World Cup Final coming up. But how did Argentina and Germany get there?

2014 World Cup

Simply, Germany was stronger than Brazil: the line-up was stronger, the determination was higher, Seleçao got completely lost after the second goal.

It may happen in football, you know. In my opinion Brazil carried a heavy burden, the responsibility of being the favourite team of this World Cup was too heavy for them. After the third goal they completely switched off their concentration.

To be honest, Argentina and Netherlands was a boring match. I appreciate there’s a World Cup final at stake, but I really got bored It was hard to follow the game until the penalties.

How will Argentina approach the final?

I don’t know, if I were in Argentina’s shoes I’d wait for the Germans and use a lot of counter attacking. Germany is favourite – but Argentina can defend properly, and then use those players like Lavezzi and Messi, who are very efficient on the counter attack.

And Germany?

They have no weaknesses; they’re very strong in all their parts. They have Neuer, a very strong goalkeeper, a solid defence and an amazing midfield.

In theory they are the clear favourites for the final, in my opinion.

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