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Dietmar Hamann

Dietmar Hamann

Hamann: I don’t think Messi is 100% fit for Final

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Except for one or two halves Germany has played a superb tournament. Those last two matches were very impressive. They have to try to do everything like they did ahead of these matches. But these players are experienced. Most of them played finals and semi-finals in the Champions League, too. They should not change too much and forget about how important this game is.

Brazil v Germany: Semi Final - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

But to win this now at Maracana, against Argentina, after eliminating Brazil would be the biggest triumph. What this team achieved despite all these setbacks is impressive. If this team wins the title on Sunday, it has very good arguments for being called the best German team ever.

I think Khedira, Kroos and Schweinsteiger is at the moment the strongest midfield combination in world football. You have to wait and see how Argentina lines up against it. Probably with Mascherano and Gago. Argentina has to keep them under control, otherwise this will be the key.

What Miroslav Klose has done is unbelievable. Of course I would have wished it for him in 2002. Four times at a World Cup, that’s incredible. And he managed to score at every one of them and now has 16 goals. He had some injuries at Lazio this season. But Jogi Löw stuck with him and it paid off. Now he has the record. But he said himself he does not really care about it without the title. I hope he can take the title on Sunday with all of my heart. Miro is such a nice, down-on-earth and humble guy.

As for Argentina, I don’t think Messi is 100%: In the first two or three matches he was good. But during the last two matches I got the feeling he is not at 100 percent. There was a telling situation in the last match against Holland. He had the ball at his foot and ran towards Vlaar into a one-on-one.

I have seen it rarely in situations like these that he loses the ball without a foul. Ron Vlaar had a great match but he is not the quickest and most mobile defender. Yet he stopped Messi. A Messi in his best shape would have pulled through there or would have been fouled.

To me he does not have the same influence on the game he had one or two years ago.

Another Germany – Argentina Final, but you have to be careful trying to compare the difference between the current side and the team that beat Argentina in 1990.

Not everything that was in the past is automatically better. People were angry with the team at times in 1990 as well. Now we are 24 years later and that makes it difficult to compare the teams.

Football is more about strength and speed today. But you have to acknowledge that we have an amount of creative players now which we did not have back then. In 1990 there were Hässler, Möller and Thon, three very good players. But now we have Özil, Reus, who is unfortunately injured, Schürrle, Götze and Müller.

That is the biggest difference between those teams.

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