Fans from around the globe will be bringing you the latest and sharing their experiences from the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. See what your Fan Ambassador has to say before and during this summer's tournament.

Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel

Guest Blog: ‘Neuer the best in the world’

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Brazil v Germany: Semi Final - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Manuel Neuer has been my goalkeeper of the tournament, without a doubt. I always look at consistency in goalkeepers. If you look at all of the attributes, from shot-stopping to crosses to reading of the game and distribution, I think he’s the best in the world right now.

I think there were three others that I thought were right there, but a notch below. I thought Hugo Lloris, Keylor Navas and Claudio Bravo were that next group.

Then there were a few goalkeepers who had exceptional, outstanding single games. You have to put Tim Howard in that category with his performance against Belgium. You have to mention Rais M’Bohli’s performance against Germany, and you have to include Guillermo Ochoa’s performance against Brazil.

There’s so many great saves in this World Cup. You can’t pick just one as the best. I liked Ochoa’s save off the Neymar header. I liked M’Bohl’s save off of Lahm to the right-hand corner with his finger tips. I thought Neuer’s reaction save the other night against Paulinho was an exceptional save even if his team was already up by a bunch.

One of the best saves in the tournament that isn’t spoken much about came in the first game I did, Uruguay vs. Costa Rica. Uruguay had a shot that got deflected and looped over Navas’ head and he tipped it over the bar going over his left-hand shoulder. Outstanding.

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