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Emile Heskey

Emile Heskey

Higuain and Di Maria must support Messi – Heskey

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Argentina have not turned up for the World Cup yet, although when you’ve got Messi anything is possible.

Gonzalo Higuain has been disappointing – they’ve all been disappointing and they’re too dependent on Messi. He can turn it on and off when he wants to, and that’s what has got them to the quarter finals.

I was reading an article the other day and Maradona also said Argentina were relying on Messi too much. He said the rest had to step up to the plate and I agree.

Higuain is a fantastic goal scorer but he’s not showed that so far. Angel Di Maria can turn it on and off as well. They both need to do more.

Argentina are going to miss Sergio Aguero, he can create something out of nothing with his close control, low centre of gravity and ability to turn. He could have been the player to step up to the plate.

But if Argentina can get this far without turning up there is no telling how far they can go when they do start putting in the performances we know they are capable of.

Romelu Lukaku was disappointing in the first game for Belgium but his goal against the USA proves his ability.

I think he is a powerful young player who knows where the back of the net is. He will be disappointed he’s not been able to cement a place at Chelsea but saying that, wherever he has been, he’s made a name for himself, the fans love him and that’s because he’s a goal scorer.

It is strange that Chelsea have been sending him out on loan when they’ve been struggling to score goals. The manager obviously doesn’t see him fitting in.

Romelu showed at West Brom and then at Everton that he can play in different systems and still produce the end product.

It could be something as simple as subjectivity on Jose Mourinho’s part that he doesn’t see him fitting in with the way he wants to play but the fact he has never given him a chance is really strange.

Romelu’s future could still be in England, he’s been here two or three seasons and he probably feels he still belongs in the Premier League. But would Chelsea sell him to a direct competitor?

That might not be the case so he’ll possibly be going abroad to whoever stumps up the money and wherever he thinks he can flourish.

Belgium have done a lot better than I expected. I tipped them to flop but although they haven’t played much as a team they possibly have the capability to move up a gear.

Eden Hazard has not been as effective for Belgium as he is for Chelsea. But you’ve got to remember this is the World Cup, the pinnacle, and it is not easy.

Fellaini has not lit up the World Cup either but there is only a handful from all the teams that have.

The fact Argentina can still go to another level, and because they’ve got Messi, they’ll get past Belgium. And when you have Messi, anything is possible.

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