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Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel

Friedel: Brazil 2014 ‘best World Cup ever’

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No matter what happens in the final, I hope it’s remembered as the best World Cup ever for entertainment.

If you think back to how the group stages started. These games were frenetic, they were box to box. Most teams were trying to commit some players forward, and making it exciting. There were so many upsets and so many strange results, surprises and late goals.

You have to put that down a lot to the neutral Brazilian public that came into the stadiums.

They chose who they were going to support early, and they really booed negative play, and I think that made teams want to attack even more.

It was outstanding. The atmosphere, inside and outside the stadiums, was outstanding.

I know there were some logistical problems in the country. We can’t do anything about that. That’s for the Brazilian government to sort out, but that, for me, is probably the only negative.

I don’t think that should overshadow what I think has been the most entertaining World Cup of my lifetime.

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