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Dietmar Hamann

Dietmar Hamann

Guest Blog: Hamann – Ghana deserve to make knockout stages

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Germany against Ghana was very entertaining, especially in the second half. Both teams gave everything for a victory and it was a great game. 

Ghana showed what they are capable of offensively. They are a very good team and due to their performance on Saturday you have to admit they deserve a place in the round of last 16. Whether they will get it, we will see.

Germany have for a long time had problems in their second games at tournaments. There is no explanation. I don’t know why that is. In the first game everything went well. The Portuguese helped with their red card and now Ghana played much better.

I thought that Germany looked tired in the first 60 minutes. They were lethargic and slower than Ghana. This only changed when Schweinsteiger and Klose entered the match. Then a jerk went through the whole team. In general the team seems to be in good shape. They played with a good rhythm. Özil seems to have stepped up and Müller has been scoring. Now Schweinsteiger will come back and that is why I am in a good mood!

Against the USA I think Schweinsteiger will start, but Klose won’t and Khedira will stay out. He plays in a position that he is not accustomed to. He is a defensive midfielder who destroys and covers spaces. But against Portugal he was the midfielder who played the most upfront. I believe we have more effective players in that position. I expect Schweinsteiger to get into the team now and I am sure this will have a positive effect.

I guess one point against the USA will be enough to progress and they will get at least that. The pressure will be huge. The last thing you want is to be thrown out of the tournament by your former coach (Jurgen Klinsmann) who is in America now!

As for my favorite after two games, France is the most impressive team so far. And when I look at who is sitting on their bench I have to say I’d like to meet a team that can beat them!

Argentina and Brazil have two extraordinary players in Messi and Neymar. They are the ones who have to make the difference. These teams have no rhythm, no flow, no harmony. But Germany and France do have this. They are combining well, there are always four or five players involved in the attacks. That is fun to watch.

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